08 September 2010

Meet Henry

I don't know about you but I always feel like the big designer brands famous for their bags often leave us men out of the equation. Which is why I really appreciated the fact that Mulberry has launched a new line of bags for men that, unlike the Ted or the Brynmore, do not replicate women's designs. This is Henry in its multiple shapes —the laptop case, the backpack and the gym bag. The great thing about this new line is that it is made of nylon, so it's durable, but it has a leather trim, so it's sophisticated. It's black and has a simple design, so it's classic and elegant. And, most importantly, it's manly and useful. And I am particularly fixated on the backpack because I haven't owned a decent one in years and I very much love the pocket distribution in this one.
[Pictures: Mulberry.com]

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