19 August 2010

Thinking 70's

I officially kicked off my FW10 shopping a couple of days ago. I am buying half thinking of London fashion week and half of what I'd like to wear next season. As I am currently watching an average of 6 episode of Man Men per day I feel overly inclined to buy suits, shirts and ties but I'm refraining from buying too many as I know there'll be more jeans than I'd like to think right now. And so I bought a paisley tie (By U Adolfo Domínguez) that in my head is Tom Ford instead and that can spice up a white shirt or look perfectly sartorial with a blue striped shirt. I had been meaning to get a pair of purple desert boots for ages but thought getting the fifth pair of shoes of the kind might have been to much. So I went for this loafers (CH by Carolina Herrera) that are perfect with shorts in the summer and with colourful socks in the winter.
[Picture: Iñaki C.]

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