04 August 2010

Long live the polo

I'm not the biggest fan of the summer. People say I'm a freak but, quite honestly, I get tired of wearing shorts and t-shirts in a heartbeat. And the fact that you're always feeling sticky definitely doesn't help. The main clothing item that gets me smoothly through summer is the polo shirt. I love the fact that is not as flowy as a t-shirt but not as stiff as a shirt and the fact that the collar and the sleeve trimming offer something different. Throughout the years I've tried all kinds of polo shirts —I was a Lacoste boy all the way in my teenage years, I then moved on to Polo Ralph Lauren to eventually be contented by Uniqlo. Lacoste has the best designs and I still love the little crocodile logo but the quality of the material was disproportionate to the price. Ralph Lauren's quality was much better but the cotton on the collar always felt too soft and I hate the fact that Americans have the need to add that longer flat at the back of a man's top. Uniqlo, on the other hand, has the perfect mixture of a classic design that fits well, a good quality and very good price and a ridiculous amount of colours and designs.
[Picture: Iñaki C.]

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