03 August 2010

They're Fly: The Men from 'Inception'

I watched Inception the night before I flew home to Spain last Tuesday. I had been dying to see it ever since it came out and I was not planning on waiting an extra week for it to be shown in Spain. It was an incredible film based on, I thought, a very consistent idea that didn't devote much time to the acting but and made the film more about the action. I personally loved it not only because of this but because I admittedly have a massive man-crush on Leo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
One of the things that surprised me the most about the film was the painstakingly put together costume design of the male cast. Stiff shirt collars, cuffs showing under blazers when they should have, impeccable tie knots —everything very su misura. Even the casual wear, very cleverly inspired in the 70's, was just the right amount of scruffy. The grooming was simple but extremely neat and polished. Not an extra inch of sideburn or an untamed hair over the ear to be seen in the most perfectly slicked-back hairdos ever to be shown on screen.
[Pictures: Imdb.com, GQ.com, Zimbio.com]

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