31 August 2010

H&M must-haves for fw10

It's kind of great that retailers like H&M make videos of their more iconic pieces for the season so we get to have a look before they hit the stores. I already bought some FW10 items at H&M a couple of weeks ago but all the 'hardcore' pieces, as I like to refer to them, were not in store yet. I had never thought about man capes until I watched this video and I am not very seriously considering getting one. It is a tricky piece to add to a man's wardrobe (especially if you haven't been blessed with height like me) but it's worth at least a go. My other two favourites for the upcoming season are the snoods, which got big last year. I've been wearing them most of my life but I love that they've become a trend for a couple of seasons so I can stock up for the future. My second obsession are suits. I believe it is the Mad Men inside me talking but I do. Especially with cropped trousers and ankle boots and with the blazer working more as a coat than a jacket.
[Pictures: youtube screencaps]

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