25 August 2010

Gingham love

For those of you unfamiliar with the man below, you only need to know that his name is Tim Gunn, that he plays the mentor role on Project Runway and that he has never been seen not wearing a suit. I don't normally notice his attire much because he is a very classic man. So it was even more of a surprise to catch him in a red gingham shirt paired with an also scarlet tie. I, then, started thinking how well gingham always works. It doesn't matter how bold the colour is, this checked pattern makes it look smart and fresh. I also love the fact that you don't necessarily have to wear it with plain ties. Horizontal lines and other type of patterns look very cool worn with gingham. I wore one of these combos a few months ago to a graduation. Do you guys wear a lot of gingham?
[Pictures: Project Runway screencaps, JCrew.com, Barneys.com, BrooksBrothers.com]

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