01 August 2010

Clever adds to the summer wardrobe

Every August I'm faced with the same dilemma of whether to buy summer items for sale or save my money to start gearing up for the autumn. Having a look at the designer clothes on sale there seem to be a bunch of things that aren't necessarily seasonal and that we can wear now but also into next season. Jumpers and long-sleeved shirts are obvious choices but things like suits or blazers might seem trickier. A blazer works amazingly over a t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves but they can also be winter jackets over a jumper. A suit with shorts is a very clever choice as you can wear both pieces together or separately and still use the jacket in the winter. Suede accessories are also useful picks because they look chic in the summer and cozy in the winter. Do remember to buy season-less colours, though. And, finally, canvas bags can be worn all year around, so they're worth investing on. I have last year's design of the YSL bag (which looks better than the new one and explains the ridiculous price of the latter) and I use it to go to class, work, travel and go to the pool.
[Pictures: MatchesFashion.com]

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