21 August 2010

He's Fly: Hayden Christensen

I've been keeping an eye on Hayden Christensen's style ever since he got together with Rachel Bilson. I have, since then, been a fan of his really laid back casual style and his very slick and simple smart looks. Lately, I have noticed him wearing a pair of boots that I almost bought for myself last winter. I have no idea of what the correct way to refer to them is but they're sort of the boot version of a docksider shoe. They're very comfortable shoes, sturdy, dry and very light. I would really love to get my hands on the Yuketen version but, at $530, I very much doubt I'll be able to. However, I do love the fact that Christensen's version is zipped on the outside. There is something so cool about wearing them with trousers tucked in and the zip halfway up.
Have a look at Hayden's latest appearance on a music video. I really love his look, which is too bad because the song is pretty irritating.

[Pictures: JustJared.buzznet.com, JCrew.com, Barneys.com]

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