29 July 2010

Introducing 'Fashion, Frankly'

I had been thinking for a long time about creating a new branch of soVIPzone.com solely devoted to menswear where I need not worry about what all my female readers wanted and needed to see and read. After a lot of thinking I realised it would be a better option to just create a new blog altogether and so Fashion, Frankly was born. I intend to take it a little less seriously than soVIPzone by simply sharing what I like and what I don't, the new buys that make me happy, a specific look I am proud of or the pictures that inspire me. In a way, it will be a visual diary of my style and my life. But I do not have the least intention of letting out too much or turning into a personal style blog. Don't expect that. Do expect loads of honesty. There is still a big gap in men's fashion when it comes to straight men with a creative and artistic mind who are passionate about fashion and who refrain from the stereotypes of the posh, the dandy and the snob.
This blog if for men who appreciate class, genuine style, great quality and individuality.

I hope you enjoy it.


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