29 July 2010

Graduation day

A few weeks ago I went to my best friend's graduation. A great excuse/opportunity to wear a suit and 'jazz' it a bit (his words, not mine) without looking out of place. I have to admit I didn't even have a choice. My two black suits require major surgery and my beige linen one makes me look like the drunk uncle at a wedding. So my only option was my H&M grey suit. H&M makes pretty good cheap suits, the type that look pretty apt when combined with the right shirt and accessories.
It was summer and so colour was not only acceptable but almost expected. Which is why I went for so much lilac. Gingham is one of my favourite patterns for shirts. It gives you a classic and crisp look which you can update going for a funkier colour. But the key, I believe, was in my choice of tie —a navy and lilac knit one (which was actually über-cheap Uniqlo). Both items together were just the right amount of retro, colourful and occassion-appropriate. My final touch were a green pocket square (from an amazing shop in Madrid) of which I only had the navy trimming on display and my amazing pair of Acne grey brogues. Have a look.
[Picture: Iñaki C.]

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