31 July 2010

He's Fly: Zac Efron

I've been tracking Zac Efron's style for a while and feeling pretty odd about it. The guy was someone who, for a while, pretty much epitomised everything I didn't want to be. But not the High School Musical days are gone and he's turned into a cool guy with a really good looking girlfriend and a GQ-approved wardrobe. I don't remember anyone looking good in a short-sleeved shirt (1) but Zac rocked it with a kind of safari design, a slim fit and some chinos. He really knows how to buy chinos is every colour. They're never too slim or too loose (2), always perfect and in shades most of us don't own. He is also (together with David Beckham) the king of the airport look. He does 'casual Americana' like a pro (3) but he also gets away with more dressed up versions like the awesome one of the denim shirt and the black tie (4) —and the collar touch was just superb.
[Pictures: Zimbio.com, Celebrity-Gossip.net, GQ.com]

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